TIG Torch for Higher-Amperage Welding on Confined Joints


To help welding operators gain the access necessary to TIG weld on difficult joints or in confined areas, Weldcraft offer its WP-25 flexible neck, water-cooled TIG torch. The WP-25 is a pencil-style torch that offers 200-amp capacity and features an efficient cooling design that minimizes downtime from overheating.  The torchx2019;s flexible neck bends in any direction to allow access in hard-to-reach areas and its compact, lightweight torch body design also improves operator comfort.

A variety of accessories are available to complement the WP-25 torch including cable covers that help protect against worksite damage, extension kits and power cable adaptors. Front-end parts (including collet, collet body, gas lenses and nozzles) are interchangeable with WP-9 Series air-cooled torches and WP-20 Series water-cooled torches.
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