Tigerhood Futura XXL Welding Helmet


Honeywell Safety Products introduces the Fibre-Metal brand Tigerhood Futura XXL welding helmet, which delivers the largest wide-view, distortion-free auto darkening filter (ADF) lens with the highest quality optics available in the U.S. and Canada. With proprietary ADC (angular dependency compensation) Plus ADF technology and the highest optical rating of any wide-view format ADF welding helmet, this new model can improve the safety and productivity of industrial welders through its clarity and comfort. Engineered to perform across the spectrum of electro-arc welding processes, the Tigerhood Futura XXL is ideally suited for those working in the shipbuilding, heavy fabrication, mining, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.   

With a total viewing area measuring 10.2 square inches, the XXL model provides a 40 percent larger viewing area than standard auto darkening filters. ADC technology delivers uniform shading and distortion-free vision across the entire viewing area, even peripherally. As a result, welders can see clearly and work at awkward angles more easily. Decreased eye fatigue allows welders to safely perform better welds for a longer period of time. A 1/1/1/1 DIN rating - the highest optical quality rating achieved by any ADF lens - maximizes weld quality and productivity, and is crucial for welder comfort. The helmet's Selectable Shade 9-13 delivers a versatile shade range that meets the demands of most standard welding operations.

"This new helmet delivers the utmost in technology and innovation to meet the needs of serious welders," said Katie Twist-Rowlinson, Fibre-Metal head and welding protection product manager for Honeywell Safety Products. "The size and clarity of the XXL helmet's entire viewing area improve welder quality, reduce downtime and rework, and lower injury expenses; in fact, productivity gains from 30% to 50% are common for welders using high-performance ADF helmets over tradition passive models. Overall, it delivers unbeatable value for high performance protection in a wide view format." 

The Tigerhood Futura XXL comes with the renowned Tigerhood Futura Shell. Recognized for exceptional performance and long service life, it is among the industry's lightest-weight full-size welding helmets. Constructed of high-performance material, the Tigerhood Futura Shell delivers outstanding heat resistance and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. The shell is specially designed to accommodate spectacles and respirators, and its classic 3-C floating headgear balances and stabilizes the helmet for maximum productivity. The Tigerhood Futura XXL helmet's standard outside cover plates, measuring 4" x 5", are simple, convenient and inexpensive to replace as an off-the-shelf size. The helmet comes ready to use with Fibre-Metal Quick-Lok® or Speedy® Loop helmet attachment systems to simplify combination PPE use for greater convenience, productivity and compliance.      


  • viewing area measuring 10.2 square inches
  • uniform shading and distortion-free vision
  • 1/1/1/1 DIN rating

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