Tightening Fixture Ensures Precision


A tightening fixture for collet chucks with an integrated torque measuring system, the Torque Fit makes it easy to ensure that a collet chuck is correctly tightened.


Proper tightening is an important first step of high-precision cutting. BIG KAISER's Torque Fit notifies the user of a correctly set torque value via an audible buzzer. If overtightening occurs, the error LED light will flash.


The Torque Fit was developed to replace multiple torque wrenches and has adapters available for all common machine tool interfaces such as CAT, BT, SK, HSK and BIG CAPTO, making it an economical investment. For maximum convenience, torque values for all BIG KAISER-made collet chucks are preset. The operator can, however, use a generic setting to tighten any collet chuck with a torque value up to 80 Nm (60 ft-lb.).



  • Digital display helps to reach the proper torque
  • Tightening values for BIG KAISER collet chuck series data are preset
  • Beeping on & after the proper tightening
  • User mode for the customized torque value
  • Error LED light when overtightened
  • Replaceable adaptors available for different interfaces
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