Time-Lapse Jobsite Camera


Work Zone Cam, a 4G LTE all-weather camera for jobsite documentation, is designed for extended outdoor use and provides the perfect do-it-yourself solution to create amazing time-lapse movies with professional results. It offers 18-MP photos, AI-edited time-lapse movies, LIVE video burst, and 4K hosted services. Featuring insight into local environmental conditions, the camera includes an embeddable app and valuable tools to give users access to important visual information for a more informative jobsite.


The system features an 18-MP digital DSLR camera and a dependable Linux computer system loaded with easy-to-use software. The all-weather camera automatically captures snapshots on a schedule that you set. A universal cellular modem is built into every Work Zone Cam to transmit (via FTP) live images from your jobsite over the internet to your computer.


A solar power kit is available for a hassle-free 100% wireless installation. Systems are available for rent or purchase and come with a lifetime warranty.

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