Titan Linear Labeling System


A new ultra-fast linear labeling system with a top labeling rate of 450 bottles per minute (bpm) is being introduced to the U.S. market by Harland America Inc. The system, called the Titan, securely applies pressure-sensitive front and back labels to glass or plastic bottles/containers. Products of virtually any shape and in a wide range of sizes can be labeled. The Titan labeling system is designed to meet the demanding speed, accuracy and reliability requirements of pharmaceutical, health and beauty product, and food and beverage labeling applications. “With a top speed of 450 bpm, Titan is among the fastest linear pressure-sensitive labeling systems available on the market,” says Dan Williams, marketing manager for Harland America Inc. “The system combines the high labeling speeds typical of rotary labelers with the versatility usually found in linear labeling systems.” High Accuracy, Smooth Label Application The Titan labeling system is custom-built to fit specific customer requirements and integrate into existing production and packaging lines. The system consists of a main unit constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, a single- or twin in-feed screw unit, and up to four labeling stations. The Titan’s flexible design accommodates both conventional and advanced labeling heads, allowing effective high-speed application of ultra-thin film labels. The system applies pressure-sensitive labels in lengths from 0.8 to 13.2 inches (20 to 330mm) and widths from 0.6 to 4 inches (15 to 100mm). A fully integrated inspection/vision feature detects label presence and verifies label alignment and positioning on targeted containers. Maximum labeling accuracy is ±1mm, depending on container type and labeling speed. In addition, the Titan system’s innovative wipedown module ensures that labels are applied smoothly and without wrinkling to targeted items, even those with irregular shapes. Retractable labeling heads slide out easily when replenishing or changing label reels, minimizing downtime. Changeovers to new product runs can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Touch-Screen User Interface The Titan is operated via a touch-screen control panel. Its fifteen servo-motor axes, controlled from the touch screen, permit fast setup and repeatability. The control software minimizes setup time during changeovers and provides a high level of user diagnostics. Depending on the application, Titan can be integrated with various equipment options, including product and label counters, infeed/outfeed monitoring controls, and pharmaceutical security systems. Additional options can include foil stamp, laser and inkjet coders.
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