Titanium Hammers Reduce Fatigue


The TiBone 3 Hammers are built with titanium construction to reduce user fatigue and harmful recoil shock vibrations. Weighing 45% less than a steel hammer and with 10X greater vibration dampening, these hammers maximize productivity without sacrificing durability. 


Equipped with a newly designed anti-rotational face, users will no longer have to worry about the face shifting or coming loose. Durable grip construction reduces wear and minimizes vibration, while a precision balanced design optimizes striking and driving. A redesigned magnetic nail set will enable users to set nails in hard to reach places without risking fallout.


The hammers will be available as a Milled Face or Smooth Face and will be available for purchase at select distributors in June of 2019.

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Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
While the damping benefits of titanium are impressive, mass is required to create the impulse needed to drive a nail so a 45% reduction in mass my not be an advantage.