Tite-Space BST AGV Negotiates Narrow Aisles with Tight Turns


Tite-Space BST AGV consists of a single Creform AGV that tunnels below the cart to automatically pick it up and deliver it to its next station. The cart features a special Creform hitch plate designed to interface specifically with the BST Series of AGV units. This simple solution has provided the user with a minimal investment and quick payback.


Cart shown features:

  • two levels integrated with Creform gravity flow, Placon wide Roller conveyors
  • one level flows down for supply, the other returns for replenishment
  • constructed with Creform 42 mm pipe and joint components
  • package tray at the top helps with handling of miscellaneous parts and supplies
  • rear mounted towing hitch so that a second cart can be towed if needed
  • minimum turning radius of 15.7 in. (400 mm)

Tite Space BST AGV features:  

  • low-profile, sleek design
  • drive motor, 24-v dc system powered by two12-v AGM batteries, and guidance sensors
  • capable of towing up to 1,320 lb (600 kg)
  • travels in a single direction along an easily installed magnetic tape guidepath
  • achieves speeds of 13-164 fpm with up to seven speed selections
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