TLAser103 Laser Micrometer Measures Diameter, Ovality, Wall Thickness, Concentricity & More


LaserLinc Inc., a USA manufacturer of technology for precision measurement of diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, eccentricity and inside diameter introduces the TLAser103 scanning laser micrometer – a new single-axis laser gauge for the inspection of small diameters, quickly and accurately.

 Industry applications:

The TLAser103 micrometer gauges the smallest products such as fine wire and monofilament with diameters as low as 0.0006 in. [0.015 mm / 15μm].



  • Fast Inspection –  1200 per second. Example: a wire moving at 100 feet per minute [20 inches/second], the measurement rate of 1200 Hz yields a measurement every .017" of product
  • Repeatability (Two Second) – ±.000001˝ [±.025µm]
  • Positional Error –  ±.00001˝ [±.25µm]
  • Interfaces with Total Vu software –  for complete product and process monitoring and control
  • Interfaces with SmartLinc processors – for industrial communications with PLCs, HMIs, and similar devices
  • Ethernet connectivity – with NetLinc interface
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