Tongtai Ultrasonic iVU-5 Assisted Machining Center


Tongtai’s brand new iVU-5 is a rotary-type ultrasonic assisted machining center that operates as a dual function vertical machining center combined with rotary ultrasonic assisted machining of advanced materials.
Typical applications for this system include microhole drilling and machining of glass, sapphire, silicon carbide, quartz, ceramic, hardened steel, high nickel alloys, and non-ferrous materials.  Any material that is softer than the cutting tool can be ultrasonic-assisted.  Rotary ultrasonic machining combines high-speed spindle rotation with high frequency vertical vibration of the cutting tool.  The diamond tool impacts the material with high contact speed, reducing cutting force and producing ultra-fine finishes while improving cutting efficiency 3 – 5 times faster than conventional machining.


Booth S-8536

  •  X, Y, Z-axes travels of 500mm (20”) x 400mm (15.7”) x 350mm (13.8”)
  • Meehanite cast iron frame
  • roller type linear slideways for rigidity and fast, precise movement
  • 25mm (1”) diameter class 3 ballscrews
  • standard rapid traverse rate of 1890 inches per minute in the all axes
  • 30-tool arm type automatic tool changing (ATC) system.
  • 3 HP, 20,000 RPM direct drive spindle
  • Standard spindle chiller

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