Tool Clamping System


TENDOturn utilizes a sealed hydraulic system that allows for fast and accurate tool changes. Users benefit from the advantages of the innovative hydraulic expansion toolholder technology, even with applications on lathes and milling centers.


Two versions of the TENDOturn are available: theDSE for live tooling and the DKE for fixed tooling.


TENDOturn is ideal for turn/mill centers, as well as for CNC rotary transfer centers and driven toolholders for drilling, reaming, milling, turning, and thread tapping.


Key features of using the TENDOturn are:

  • Versatile clamping range by using intermediate sleeves
  • Runout and repeat accuracy of <0.003 mm
  • Ease of use
  • Vibration damping
  • Long service life
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