Tool-Free RJ45 Ethernet Connector


Weidmuller announces the introduction of a new line RJ45 Ethernet connectors.  These new connectors provide the industry with the only two-piece Ethernet connector that does not require any cable stripping or crimping, for truly tool-free installation.  The only tool needed for termination is a knife or cutting tool to remove the cable’s outer jacket and cut the conductors to length.  
The new RJ45 Ethernet connectors also feature built-in strain relief and full shielding for each cable assembly. Fully functional, they can terminate 4 to 8 wires. Full 8-wire termination of 22-26 AWG conductors result in an industry leading rating of 10GIG performance, in addition to 10/100 and GigE.
Each connector comes with an easy-to-read color wire diagram so technicians can quickly wire the connector for TIA-A and TIA-B (Telecommunications Industry Association), and Profinet wiring types. “With these new connectors a technician can now terminate a network connection with a just few minutes of training and simple hand tools,” said Tobin Robertson, Product Manager.
They are designed to work with Weidmuller’s modular line of STEADYTEC housings and bulkheads for instant IP67 protection in both coupling and through panel access.  

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