Top-Actuated, Double-Action Tact Switch


C&K Components has expanded its KMT Series of ultra-miniature tactile switches with the smallest available top-actuated, double-action tact switch. With its ultra-low profile, the KMT5 is ideal for applications that require an initial sensitive action followed by a tactile action, such as a shutter release on a digital camera or mobile phone. This new switch features a lifespan of more than 300,000 electrical and mechanical cycles, and has a height of just 0.70mm (including the actuator).

“The KMT5 provides enhanced functionality in the smallest package on the market,” said Jerome Smolinski, Senior Product Manager for C&K Components. “With these design features as well as the extended life cycles, the KMT5 ultra-miniature switches are the ideal solution for a number of handheld consumer electronics that require fast, repetitive action of their switches.”

The KMT5 has an IP 57 rating. The first action is sensitive (not tactile) while the second action has a tactile feeling of greater than 30 percent.

The RoHS-compliant and halogen-free switches measure just 2.6 x 3.0 x.0.7 mm. They are compatible with lead-free reflow soldering processes as well as pick-and-place machines and are delivered on plastic reels.

The long operating life is due in part to a resistance to shock and vibration of 10 to 500 Hz and an operating temperature of -40˚ C to +85˚ C


  • smallest available top-actuated, double-action tact switch
  • lifespan of more than 300,000 electrical and mechanical cycles
  • height of just 0.70mm
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