Top or Side Mount Level Switch


Submersible and easily mounted from top or side, Harwil Corp’s L-40 N (Noryl) and L-40 VCR (Fortron - for corrosive fluids) reliably signals fluid level changes to on/off pump controls, alarms, or microprocessors. The loose pivot and long movement arm reduces effects of deposit and contaminant build-up. The Harwil L-40 SG level switch is also used for determining levels of two separate specific gravity liquids, such as detecting water in a gasoline or oil tank.

The L-40 level switches are easy to install at any depth from the top of a tank using a ¼ inch piping of any length. Electrical leads of 22 gauge and 2 feet are standard, any length is available. The SPST switch is rated at 50 watts for 120/240 VAC. The float pivot pin is usually 316 Stainless steel, unless Hastelloy C, titanium or Teflon are specified for chemical conditions.


• Temp. °F- 200
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