Tork Vision Cleaning: Data-Driven Cleaning Platform


To help manufacturers boost facility maintenance efficiency and improve overall hygiene, Tork Vision Cleaning is a digital tool that allows those in charge of cleaning to use real-time data to understand when and where there are cleaning needs, as well as improve and optimize cleaning resources by spending time on what's most important and avoid unnecessary tasks.


The data-driven cleaning system meets the increased demands on operational efficiency, cleaning quality, and hygiene compliance. The solution uses people counters and connected dispensers to give cleaners and managers access to real-time data regarding immediate cleaning needs.


Depending on the needs and requirements of the facility, customers can choose between three cleaning tiers to best suit their needs.

  1. Facility Flow:
    • Smarter staffing
    • Optimal cleaning frequencies by seeing what needs services and where
    • Targeted touchpoint cleaning using real-time visitor traffic analytics
  2. Refill on Demand:
    • Faster resolution times to replenish supplies
    • Better budget and inventory management
    • Improved efficiency by reducing unnecessary tasks
  3. Customized Cleaning:
    • Easy adjustment to changing protocols
    • Simplified onboarding with customized, up-to-date cleaning plans

Included is everything facility managers and facility service companies need to make cleaning an integrated part of their operations:

  • Hardware in the form of people counters, gateways, and Internet of Things (IoT) connected dispensers.
  • Facility management software that displays the collected real-time data on desktops, tablets or smartphones, and facilitates easy reporting and other administrative tasks.
  • An onboarding and success program which includes installation, training, support, and evaluation of the business value.


  • Know when and where service is needed
  • Dedicate more time to important tasks
  • Make sure dispensers are stocked at all times and reduce dispenser checks
  • Save on cleaning hours
  • Improve cleaning procedures using built-in insights
  • Use reporting tools to show adherence to safety regulations
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