Torque Control System


The DC control tool is a reliable torque and automation fastening system engineered for precise, accurate and repeatable torque control. The high-performance torque fastening system allows manufacturers to optimize the assembly area, reduce labor costs and increase productivity. The DC control tool increases productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools; saving time, maintenance cost, space and training.


ProductivityIncrease productivity with one tool instead of 2 - 8 tools. Provides a consistent repeatable process control and eliminates potential variations.
FlexibilityEasy integration into production line. Rapid reconfiguration for new production projects.
ROIOptimum asset utilization. Tooling expense delivers favorable return of investment.
QualityTraceability and error-proofing. Real time monitoring. Swiss DC servo motor provides precise, accurate and repeatable torque control.
I/O InterfaceDigital I/O signals for communication with external devices such as PLC
ControllerUp to 15 process sequences with 10 program steps.
MemoryCollect and save all fastening data on SD memory card.
Fastening torque data analysis (Standard Deviation, Mean, Average, CP, CPK ) with TPM (Torque Process Monitoring) Touch Screen accessory option.

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Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
It looks good -
How does it configure onto pumps
Please give us the website address so we can look into it