Tower Light for Small Areas


Compact tower lights, the TL30 Basic Series, have a slim 30 mm cylindrical body that fits in space-constrained areas for use on small machines and in work areas with limited space. In addition, the comfortable light output is ideally suited for applications where staff regularly work near the tower light. These multicolor indicators support two to 5 color segments and an optional audible segment for a total of up to 6 segments in each tower light.


The release of the TL30 Basic expands the offering of tower lights available from Banner Engineering to include 30 mm models, in addition to the 50 mm TL50 Series and the 70 mm TL70 Series. Like these tower lights, TL30 Basic tower lights utilize LED lights for a long operational life and have a segmented design with translucent windows that appear gray when off to prevent false indication caused by ambient light.


TL30 Basic tower lights are completely self-contained, requiring no controller for operation and come fully assembled for rapid deployment in small- or large-scale applications. They are the most cost-effective tower light available.


TL30 Basic tower lights are designed to provide clear, easy-to-see status indication and operator guidance on wire bonders, printing machines, bench tops, tabletop scales, collaborative robots, inspection and testing machines, lab equipment, HMIs, and similar small machines and equipment.



  • Rugged, affordable, and easy-to-install multi-segment indicators
  • Operator-friendly light output
  • Illuminated segments provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status
  • Uniform indicator segments appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light
  • Models with 2, 3, 4, and 5 color segments plus audible
  • Completely self-contained devices: no controller needed
  • 12 to 30 V dc operation
  • No assembly required, mounting nut and gasket supplied
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