TQS-CP Aggregation Unit for Folding Boxes


The TQS-CP Aggregation Unit provides exacting yet expedient semi-automatic aggregation of manually repacked folding boxes. The unit allows manufacturers to conveniently assign units from a lower level—such as a folding box or bundle—to a higher one like a shipment carton. In doing so, it provides a reliable parent-child relationship that will soon be mandated by pending DSCSA regulations.


With the TQS-CP, the operator places packaged units layer by layer into the shipment carton. Each completed layer is photographed from above by a fully integrated camera, which automatically moves to a preset packing height for proper focus. Once the defined number of layers and units has been reached, the aggregation level is completed and a label is generated. The TQS-CP also can manage the next designated packaging hierarchy level (for example, shipment cartons on pallets). Pallet aggregation can be managed in parallel by an optional extension called the TQS-MP-EXT, whose readings are integrated onto a mobile scanner.



  • Industrial-scale labeler on adjustable height table
  • State of the art camera for multicode-reading from above and fully integrated operator guidance
  • Large 19-in. touchscreen display and intuitive control menu
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable product table height
  • Validation packets and documentation IQ/OQ, FDS, RA, TM (optional)
  • Weighing platform (optional)
  • Tool-free format change
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