Tracking Technology Combines Best of GPS, and Radio Capabilities


OEM Data Delivery has introduced the ST-950 Service Tracker with GPS and radio communications.  The system was developed for tracking equipment activity at utility construction sites, and during service calls, so that PTO (Power Take-Off) credits can be obtained quickly for fuel used at the worksite, as opposed to on-highway. 
In addition to PTO time, the ST-950 generates a wide range of customized data logs, including machine hours, equipment location, and idling vs. work.  It also generates dump-load logs, seat belt logs, travel logs, and more – all without costly cellular fees.  In addition, the ST-950 is the only device of its kind that fully integrates with a fuel management system.   

The ST-950 is a features-rich, flexible technology.  A service alert capability lets management schedule maintenance when it’s most beneficial.  It can be used in conjunction with an OEM Data Delivery Fuel Tracker unit to track, in real time, the dispensing of fuel and other consumables into specific equipment or vehicles.  It has proved to be an effective and low-cost way to deter theft, and prevent the unauthorized use, of fuel and equipment. 

The ST-950 can be used for allocating equipment between jobsites in the most efficient way, and for job estimating.  It performs wirelessly, paperlessly and “hands-free.”  Management reports are generated nightly and delivered via email and easy-to-read web reports.  Data logs upload into any major back office system and integrate seamlessly with accounting software. 

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