TrailerCaddy Extreme


DJProducts, Inc. has introduced a new unit for moving heavy wheeled equipment carts and trailers.  The new TrailerCaddyHeavyDuty Chain Drive Extreme is designed to eliminate the difficult task of using a large bulky fork lift or yard truck to move large wheel equipment and/or lowboy/drop deck trailers in/out of  factories, docks & yards both indoors and outdoors.  The TrailerCaddy Extreme slowly and easily maneuvers large wheeled equipment trailers up to 50,000 lbs with ease and accuracy in confined areas.   The TrailerCaddy Extreme can spot and shuffle equipment trailers where/when needed, and save time as anyone can use it, no need to wait for fork truck OTR semi tractor operator anymore.
Our TrailerCaddy Extreme features a heavy duty 36-volt motor generating an enormous amount of power in the compact frame. The hydraulic actuator lift kit lifts tongue weight from 5,000 to 15,000 lbs. making it simple for the TrailerCaddy to lift and maneuver any type equipment trailer.  It is available with kingpin, ball hitch, and pintle attachment options.


  • can spot and shuffle equipment trailers where/when needed
  • heavy duty 36-volt motor
  • handles up to 50,000 lbs
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