Trane Precedent Rooftop Heat Pumps


2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The Trane Precedent rooftop heat pump provides comprehensive all-electric and hybrid dual fuel solutions that help building owners meet their decarbonization goals, deliver long-term value with lower operating costs, and help to improve comfort and reliability.


The Precedent line meets the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency standards. The redesigned rooftop heat pumps are available in capacities ranging from 12.5 to 25 tons and in standard configurations or high-efficiency models that exceed the DOE standards by 25% or more.


Convenient characteristics simplify service and installation, such as hinged access to the control panel, color-coded wiring, keyed connectors, and no fan belts to adjust or replace. It arrives ready to install, and most replacements don't require a curb adapter.


Among the first packaged rooftop heat pump units in a 25-ton capacity introduced to the market, Precedent next-generation units also offer several new options, including: 

  • Multi-zone variable air volume (VAV) and modulating hot gas reheat
  • Comply with ASHRAE 90.1-2019
  • Include the Symbio unit controller so owners can immediately enjoy the benefits of digital connectivity
  • Include a 3-year parts warranty


  • Meets a wide range of needs, from standard to ultra-high efficiency
  • Feature-rich and cost-effective
  • 4 options suit different climates, applications, and sustainability goals:   
    • Cooling only with optional electric heat—all-electric
    • Gas Pack—electric cooling plus gas heating
    • Heat Pump—all-electric refrigerant-system cooling and heating
    • Hybrid/Dual Fuel—refrigerant-system cooling and heating with gas auxiliary heating
  • All models meet DOE 2023 Minimum Efficiency Regulations
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