TransferModule 6000 – Cable Assembly Automation


Schleuniger is pleased to announce the introduction of the TransferModule 6000 cable assembly automation system. This system can produce cable assemblies for typical applications including coaxial, flat and round multi-conductor, and zipcord cable assemblies for many different served markets.The base module is built from modular components and it includes the cable transport system, transfer shuttles, transfer chain, cable loading / unloading stations, control system, and a PC-based user interface. The overall system length is determined by the quantity and size of the stations required to process the completed assembly. These stations can perform the following processes on each cable end: stripping, tinning, sealing, shield flaring, micro-flame soldering, ultrasonic and resistance welding, connector housing insertion, and electrical testing to name a few. Additional pre- and post-processing accessories such as prefeeders, inkjet markers, coilers, and stackers can be fully integrated into the TransferModule 6000 system. The TransferModule 6000 uses a parallel processing concept, whereby all cable end processes occur simultaneously. This maximizes the production rate compared to serial processing methods. System operation is via a PC with a high level user interface. This allows quick changeovers and unlimited program storage.
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