Transforming Productivity with 3D Printing


To stay competitive, manufacturers have to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers while retaining high-quality products, at the same time as controlling costs. Product lifetimes are shrinking and customers are expecting more customization and innovation. Agility is the key to staying ahead of the competition and meeting the needs of customers. The modern agile manufacturer is now using 3D printing technology to take advantage of market shifts and narrow windows of opportunity.


Download this use case on distributed printing with FabPro 1000 and discover:

  • How to increase the productivity of your engineering teams
  • Rapid prototyping of parts for the product development process
  • End use products with less reliance on centralized factories and more on distributed manufacturing points, producing end-use parts locally.
  • How FabPro 1000 and 3D Sprint software enable speed, accuracy, and repeatability in the manufacturing enterprise.
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