Translucent Tape Provides Superior Bond Between Glass and Other Clear Materials


Pres-On, a leading supplier and innovator in adhesive products, is offering contractors and manufacturers its new PHB1000 translucent acrylic pressure-sensitive tape, designed to provide a uniform high-bond between virtually any substrate, including intricate shapes, glass and other clear materials.
PHB1000  is formulated to withstand weathering, moisture, and extreme temperatures (-30° F to 200° F) without losing adhesion power. It will not harden, stain or become brittle with age, so it can be used with confidence to replace mechanical fasteners or unsightly welds. In addition, it is highly effective in dampening vibration, sound and shock to increase customer satisfaction.

Primarily designed for shower doors, PHB1000 is also ideal for auto trim, signage, skin-to-frame assembly, furniture and appliances  It is available on rolls in widths from 3/16-inch to 18-inches, with thickness range from 0.010 to 0.060 inches and lengths up to 216 feet.  For a free sample, call Pres-On at 800-323-7467 or email


• Tensile Strength150 psi/0.1054 kg/mm2 • Elongation1000% • Peel Adhesion10 pli/1.751 NLMM • Cleavage Peel Strength20 psi/0.0141 kg/mm2 • Dynamic Shear Strength60 psi/0.0422 kg/mm2 • Shelf Life1 year • Installation Temperature50°to 100°F (10°to 37.8°C) • Constant Temperature Limit-30°to 200°F (-34.4°to 93.3°C) • Tape ColorClear
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