Transparent metering with ENERGYSENS


In order to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities, getting a transparent record of energy consumption is absolutely vital. However, densely packed equipment and distributed installations often complicate the integration of efficient measurement technology. Measurement specialist Gossen Metrawatt therefore now introduces ENERGYSENS, a new modular sensor system for precise energy consumption metering in accordance with precision class 1 in the DIN EN 60688 or DIN EN 62053-21 standards.


The measuring system comprises the slim ENERGY EScom basic module, which is only 2 HP wide, and up to 10 highly compact ENERGY ES sensor units that are available in four versions with 3 or 12 measuring inputs for current ratings of up to 40 A or 80 A. This allows for a flexible connection of up to 120 measuring points with a connection length up to 5 m to each base module. This very versatile solution is also very suitable for tight installation spaces in existing energy distribution boxes. Mounting the devices is very easy. In 50/60 Hz AC low-voltage systems, they can monitor the actual consumption values for effective power, energy, current, voltage and frequency. Moreover, by monitoring the phase load, ENERGYSENS also contributes to preventive maintenance and keeping downtime to a minimum.


The sensors feature an extremely low profile with a very slim 13 mm. They are mounted onto the fuses. Measured values are transmitted to the base module via plug-on ribbon cable. Universal Modbus TCP and MODBUS RTU interfaces ensure fast data transfer in a variety of system environments. For an easy system integration without any programming, Gossen Metrawatt provides a free configuration software that is available for download on the company's website. In addition to the sleek design, ENERGYSENS also excels in term of minimal power consumption, in contrast to much more power-hungry other products on the market. 

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