Transparent Valve Lockout Device


Transparent gate valve lockout's distinct clear design allows operators to visually confirm equipment condition and identify valve leaks while helping to ensure safety within the facility. This device is made of a rugged, injection-molded polypropylene to provide chemical resistance. Guard is available in five different sizes, accepts shackles up to 3/8-inch in diameter and can handles temperatures from -40°F to 302°F.




  • Unique knock-out center to accommodate OS&Y or "rising stem" valves
  • Available in five sizes to effectively lock out hand wheels ranging from 1 to 13 in.
  • Accepts locks and chackles up to 3/8-in.dia



  • Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Rivet, Washers: Steel
  • UL Rating: UL 94-HB


Temperature Range:

  • Polycarbonate: -40° to 115° C
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