Traveling Column Machining Centers


The MMV 4200 / 5200 / 6200 traveling column machining centers with 3, 4, and 5 axes can be used for complete machining of very large and heavy parts in one clamping.


The proven technology of the MMV 3200 has been kept in the new models: a high-performance motor spindle with 0 to 15,000 rpm speed range, 46 kW spindle power, and up to 170 Nm torque. 40 tool pockets available as standard, optionally expandable up to 120 pockets. A modular system ensures a variable choice of workpiece sizes up to 244.1 in. (6,200 mm) during machining. The X-axis drive uses a rack-and-pinion system instead of ball screws, ensuring dynamic, fast, and precise machining at all times, even with long travels.


With this system, rapid traverses of up to 60 m/min can be achieved. The machine versions with swivel head (B-axis) and rotary table (C-axis) are ideally suited for 5-axis simultaneous machining. Both the swivel head and the rotary table are driven by dynamic torque motors. State-of-the-art digital control systems ensure user-friendly machine operation.


  • Flexible modular construction and ergonomic, attractive design
  • Available as 3, 4 or 5 axes version
  • Machining Center with high-performance motor spindle
  • Rigid linear roller guides size 55 (X-axis)
  • Direct driven ball screws on the Y and Z-axis, precise and quiet operation
  • X-axis with rotating nut ballscrew and fixed screw
  • Integrated round table and B-axis with torque motors
  • CNC Machining Center with flexible configuration of tool magazine systems
  • EMCONNECT for Siemens 840D sl
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