Trencher Delivers on ROI


The HT275 boosts productivity and versatility on a broad range of trenching jobs. The unit was designed to increase ROI on water, sewer, gas, power, underdrain installations, pipeline distribution, and other heavy-duty trenching tasks.


The HT275 provides operators exceptional efficiency on installations up to 10-ft. deep and 26-in. wide. A fully utilized Cummins 275-hp (205-kW) T4 engine provides the power to tackle a variety of jobsite environments and digging conditions. And a hydrostatic trencher-chain drive with an infinitely variable displacement motor allows operators to easily match chain speeds to soil conditions.


The HT275 boosts jobsite performance with four hydraulic quick-disconnect blocks that reduce the time it takes to change attachments from days to hours. The design allows operators to change rear attachments in the field without the use of heavy lifting equipment. And, for better performance on uneven terrains, the machine has a patent-pending suspension that mounts to the center of each track frame. This innovative design feature provides the unique ability to “float” each track independently, which takes stress off the main frame.


Equipped with a power sliding cab and featuring external cameras, the HT275 offers industry-leading visibility of the jobsite. Operators also benefit from unparalleled comfort and control due to an air-ride suspension seat with 270-deg. rotation, ergonomic joystick controls and dual 7-in. displays.


A one-piece, fully opening hood offers easy access to the engine and all routine maintenance points. The HT275 features a unique wireless remote that allows operators to perform daily service and inspections — including advancing the digging chain from ground level — saving time and simplifying maintenance. The trencher’s patent-pending track frame is designed for easy removal, which further simplifies serviceability by minimizing time spent on track repairs.




Angle of approach


Height, operating

136.7 in.

Height, transport

138 in.

Length, nose to rear mount

201.8 in.

Length, transport

245.7 in.


100.3 in.


133.9 in.


76 in.

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