Triple-Axis Micrometer


The Triton312 and Triton330 micrometers offer the advantages of three-axis measurement in a very compact package with exceptional accuracy. The Triton331 and Triton360 models add a fast measurement rate and with the 360, up to a two-inch [50.8 mm] measurement range. For in-process measurement of non-round profiles, products with varying diameter, and flaw detection applications, the latter models can be upgraded to the fastest measurement rates of any scanning laser micrometer: 4,000 Hz per axis (12,000 Hz aggregate). For discrete part measurement, a higher measurement rate facilitates faster inspection cycle times.


Triple-axis models share the following characteristics:

  • Measure any material, even clear and translucent products (glass logic is a software option included at no charge with all systems)
  • Use in-process or for benchtop/offline applications
  • Measurement accuracy and micrometer operation are unaffected by line speed
  • Mount in any orientation
  • Multiple mounting surfaces with precision locating holes for flexible mounting, but also for flexible attachment of accessories
  • Choose from four different models
  • Can be used with the Total Vu™ HMI for complete product and process monitoring, reporting, and control
  • Can be used with a SmartLinc™ processor for an intelligent interface via industrial communication protocols
  • Available with Ethernet-based NetLinc™ signal interface
  • Mounting adapters are available to deploy effective six-axis measurement for superior flaw detection and average diameter accuracy
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