Triple-LP Crusher


Franklin Miller, Inc. announces the availability of their new Delumper Triple-LP Crusher. Designed with a unique ability to handle sticky, wet, moist substances as well as dry caked solids, the Triple-LP Crusher features a heavily constructed body and low friction cutter design with three parallel shafts of individual replaceable cutters mounted in a staggered pattern around the shaft diameter. Each shaft has heavy outboard bearings and a shaft seal to protect the bearings and retain the product in the cutting area. The crusher is also provided with wear plates, shaft seal protected heavy-duty roller bearings, heavy body frame construction, and independent direct gear drives and motors on each shaft for smooth, quiet, and reliable operation.

In operation, the “LP” teeth rotate through a heavy bar grating and clear the slots with each rotation, while the pointed leading cutter edges perform a pick-like action to reduce product. Teeth are interchangeable and reversible for increased life. The Triple-LP is available in two series: LP standard crushers are designed for high capacity on light to medium weight materials, and HD units are designed for continuous, high load operation with heavy materials at a rate of up to 38,000 cu. ft. per hour (1080 cu. m. per hour). Either series is available in carbon steel or stainless construction and special alloys are available. A PLC-based Model 250 automatic, reversing control system is optional along with stands and hoppers, conveyors, feeders, weighers, and more.


  • low friction cutter design
  • carbon steel or stainless construction

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