True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud Software


True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud–How to Identify and Understand the Differences in Cloud Software is a free guide written by the MIBAR team, and designed to help decision makers learn about one of the most important choices they will need to make when choosing ERP software, deployment options.


"During the rise of the cloud in the late 90s and early 2000s, traditional vendors ignored the warning signs surrounding the disruptive nature of cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms," said Derek Nachimow, Practice Manager at MIBAR. "Ignoring the shift in the marketplace, many were left scrambling in the last decade, and creating something we like to call 'fake cloud' solutions. We wrote this guide to help businesses understand the difference."


By reading this guide, decision makers will gain deeper understanding of the multiple deployment options, learn to decipher what it means to be a 'true cloud' solution, and read about the benefits of avoiding fake cloud options. The guide explores the following:

  • The history of business management software and the rise of fake cloud solutions 
  • Issues and shortcomings of fake cloud applications 
  • Benefits and reasons to choose a true cloud solution 
  • A brief guide to the available options when selecting a true cloud solution


Download the guide below.

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