Manchester Tool & Die, Inc. now offers Pines Technology Model 660 Tube & Rod End-Finishing Machines for fast and simultaneous deburring, ID / OD chamfering, and facing.  Model 660 includes two models, a manually operated and an air operated machine for finishing up to 1,500 ends per hour and 1,875 ends per hour, respectively.  These end-finishing machines offer cost savings by freeing lathes and other machines on a wide range of work.
Model 660 can also increase production and improve accuracy compared to abrasive belts, deburring wheels and similar methods.  Changeovers are easy and can be completed in minutes with four sets of tools covering a 5/16” to 2” diameter range.  Eight spindle speeds are available from 760 to 3920 RPM and the maximum stroke is 1 1/4”.  These end-finishing machines are easy to operate and offer a variety of accessory equipment and tooling options.


• Series 660-00, Manual, will finish approx. 1500 • ends an hour • Series 660-50, Air operated, will finish • approx.1875 ends an hour.. • Gross weight, with domestic packing: • Series 660-00 (Man Operation) - 200lbs. • Series 600-50 (Air Operation) - 275lbs.
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