Tube Connection and Conveyor Components Manual


J.W. Winco, Inc., a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced the launch of a comprehensive line of tube connection and conveyor components, as well as the release of its new Tube Connection and Conveyor Components Manual.

The 276-page, full color catalog features the two new product lines that are being greatly expanded by J.W. Winco, along with previously sold related products.  In combination, the components included in the catalog offer complete solutions for tube and conveyor assemblies for all industries.
The tube connection components line includes a full array of inch and metric connector clamps, tube supports, connector joints, construction tubing, swivel clamp bases, sensor holders, tube end plugs, linear actuators and connectors, digital position indicators, drive/transfer units, gear wheels and housings. 

Of particular note is the new selection of “mini clamps,” designed to connect smaller diameter shafting and tubing.  These elements can be used to build support structures for mounting sensors, Plexiglas guards, etc.
The conveyor components line includes cross blocks, adjusting rods, guide rail and guide rod clamps, side brackets, knobs, clamping heads, roller guides, support heads, side mount brackets, connection joints, bipods, tripods, tube expander fittings, connection joints, and flange bearings.
Lastly, presented in the Manual are a number of selected leveling elements for use in tandem with the tube connection and conveyor components.  These include tube ends, and stud and tapped type leveling mounts in both metal and plastic in a variety of designs.

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