Tube Expander Extensions Circumvent Obstacles


Full line of tube expanders is offered with universal pivoting extensions that easily attach to torque controlled rolling motors for hard-to-reach tube sheet.


MILLHOG Rolling Motors and Tube Expanders are air-powered and feature a torque control setting which stalls the tool when it reaches the desired tube expansion to create a uniform and tight mechanical seal.  Featuring a wide selection of adapters and universal pivoting extensions, they let users easily reach around obstructions and roll hard to access boiler tubes.


Expanders are supplied with 90, 190, and 280-rpm motors that operate on standard shop air.  Providing precise torque control from 25 to 325 ft-lb, they are easy to adjust and ideal for rolling tubes from 3/8 to 4-1/2 in. OD.


Supplied as complete kits for:

  • straight
  • flare
  • long-reach
  • beaded rolls
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