Tube Skimmer Has Clean-Wipe Design That Enables Faster Oil Removal


Abanaki Corporation  introduced its Oil Viper Tube Skimmer, which preys on free-floating surface oils found in industrial or food-processing wastewater and removes them by means of an oil-attracting, ¾-inch-diameter, continuous looped tube. The tube skimmer’s unique clean-wipe design delivers a virtually oil-free tube when it leaves the skimmer.

The Oil Viper extends out over the surface of the tank or pit to collect free-floating oils.  It utilizes a floating tube making it highly effective in both shallow and deep applications. It is the only tube oil skimmer on the market with a safety shutoff, stopping the motor as well as the tube when the cover is opened.
The newest offering in the Abanaki skimming line, the Oil Viper stands out from competitors because of its specially designed method for removing oil from the tube and its compact size. Having a footprint roughly 25% smaller than its competitors, it also features a unique wiper combination prefitted to the tube itself. The result is a virtually oil-free tube as it leaves the skimmer for quicker oil removal. Removal rates can be as high as 100 gallons per hour.
The Oil Viper tube skimmer features:
•    Unique clean-wipe system for more effective oil removal
•    Compact design fits almost any tank or pit
•    Explosion-proof motors available
•    Tubes with up to 100-foot reach
•    Unique safety shut-off switch for safe maintenance
•    Simple and effective drive design for lasting performance

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