Tubing Eliminates Fluid Contamination


W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. announces a breakthrough development in peristaltic pump tubing for biopharm applications. New GORE STA-PURE® Tubing eliminates fluid contamination and offers unmatched chemical resistance (including DMSO) and tube life.

GORE STA-PURE Tubing is the ideal choice for high purity or long running applications. Since it produces no particulates, it prevents fluid contamination and can extend filter life. Long-term pump testing proves that STA-PURE lasts over 1000 hours at 600rpm or over 6000 hours at 100rpm. Its unmatched resilience also eliminates the need to rotate tubing through the pump head, saving time and reducing maintenance. The unique composition also provides unparalleled flow stability, with virtually no change in flow rate over the life of the tubing.

Gore’s CHEM-SURE tubing offers the same benefits as our STA-PURE tubing; however, it offers an even greater level of chemical resistance. CHEM-SURE can withstand very aggressive chemicals, including organic solvents – even xylene, MEK and toluene.

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is a creative technology company employing more than 6,000 associates in 48 plants, in 16 countries throughout the world. For over 30 years, Gore’s Industrial Products Group has developed innovative expanded PTFE gaskets, seals, filters, vents and filtration membranes for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Each product is engineered to be the best-performing and highest-quality product solution in its class.

For more details on GORE STA-PURE® and CHEM-SURETubing, or for information on the full line of innovative sealing products from Gore’s Sealant Technologies Group, call toll-free (800) 654-4229, or visit www.gore.com/sealants.
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