Tunneling AGV is First of Its Kind


With a short frame length, TV1000 Series can make tighter turns than many other tunneling AGVs on the market. New model features a large battery capacity for extended use and an increased motor size for higher load capacity at higher speeds. TVX is designed to tunnel under and hitch to its loads to optimize assembly line processes and lean manufacturing.


  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) – ability to program RFID directly from vehicle
  • Low profile design for tunneling under a cart, automatically hitching to it, and moving it along the magnetic patch
  • Programmable routes for fast and easy setup and changes
  • 24-volt system with 28 AMP-hour batteries includes opportunity charging as a standard feature
  • Highly reliable magnetic induction navigation system that’s quick to install and easy to maintain
  • Weight capacity up to 2000 kg (4,409.2 lbs)
  • Wireless pendent (patent pending) available for route programming and diagnostics
  • Made in the USA. Short lead times
  • Spare Parts in Stock
  • Can be controlled by user-friendly AVINU® traffic control software
  • Possible Return on Investment in 12 months or less

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