TURBOVAC iR Turbomolecular Pump Series


Made for R&D, medical, and industrial applications, the TURBOVAC iR turbomolecular pump series was designed to resist the challenges which are present in environments with high to very high ionizing radiation; the materials they contain have radiation tolerances of up to 1 million grays. They were also made for flexible remote operation from 9.8 ft (3 m) to distances of 0.62 mi. (1 km).


Absolute purity of the pump is fulfilled by the oil-free operation of the bearing system. The TURBOVAC iR range completely covers all existing members of the TUBOVAC i family with pumping speeds from 90 to 950 l/s.


It also supports all relevant communication options of the TURBOVAC I, USB, 15-pin digital I/O, and all serial and fieldbus options of the TURBO.DRIVE 500e. The integrated TURBO.DRIVE controller automatically recognizes the pump model and immediately adjusts to the specific operating modes.


  • Strong tolerance for radiation environments
  • Flexible remote operation over very long distances
  • Excellent performance for light gases
  • No oil/particle emission from the pump
  • Partly tolerance for magnetic fields
  • Easy maintenance (onsite)
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