Turn-Assist 200i and 270i


The Turn-Assist 200i and 270i from RoboJob are end-to-end standard automation systems for Nakamura-Tome turning centers. A semi-collaborative system engineered for lathe automation, Turn-Assist is designed to be implemented and run by operators of any skill level. With a simple tablet-style HMI and standard Ethernet IP interface, shops can successfully change over from one part to another within minutes.


Turn-Assist features an open-floor setup and area sensors to maximize operator safety and accessibility; a pre-programmable FANUC robot loads blanks and unloads finished parts from the stocking table. Options are available that allow the robot to process shafts, rotate parts, and interface with a bar feeder. Additionally, the integrated, automatic air blow nozzle on the dual, three-jaw gripper enables the robot to discard chips and coolant away from the workholding, further streamlining operations without any manual intervention.


  • Comprehensive, simple, fast standard set-up, functionality, and operations without any prior robot knowledge
  • Out-of-the-box automatic loading and unloading of blanks and finished parts through the use of a FANUC robot
  • Infeed/outfeed system controlled by two servo-controlled tables mounted on an incline
  • Dual, three-jaw gripper setup mounted to a quick-change, integrated baseplate that ports all electronic and pneumatic signals through the robot arm
  • Integrated air blow nozzle to remove chips and coolant prior to loading new parts
  • Intuitive, simple, guided graphic control for easy setup and operations in as little as 5 minutes
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