Turning Copper Commutators Information Packet


Since the 60s, names like Bosch, Siemens and at that time AEG stand for the development and production of turning diamonds for turning copper commutators.


Worldwide the first presentation of polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) at Hanover Trade Show in 1973 was at the same time the start of a new technology for machining non-ferrous metals – thereby also for the production of copper commutators. Up to that time, copper commutators were still machined with natural diamonds – with varying turning results – from 10 to a maximum of 120.000 pieces – the first use of this new cutting material by LACH DIAMOND, named “dreborid” PCD changed everything. 


From that point, even Kautt & Bux, a German manufacturer of raw commutators, could offer pre-turned copper commutators for the production of electric motors to its customers.


On the occasion of IMTS 2018 in Chicago, LACH DIAMOND put together a special leaflet, featuring the entire PCD tool selection for maximum precision and tool life for the serial production of copper commutators. With now almost 50 years of experience we are showcasing PCD commutator turning tools for corner radius and peel turning.


A separate page is dedicated to prisms, or rather bearing shells, as surface during the turning of commutators in serial production.


Here too, using the hardness of diamond – PCD proved its worth.


For all who cannot visit IMTS or are unable to seek competent advice from LACH DIAMOND at booth # 432054 West, LACH DIAMOND put together a clearly laid out information package for an initial contact – please simply send your request to office@lach-diamond.com.

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