Turnkey Leak Test Station Cuts Costs, Boosts Efficiency


Model 3675 is a cost-effective turnkey station that boosts the speed and accuracy of leak testing.


It can combine up to three of Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Test units in one stand, controlled by a single sigPOD controller.


This turnkey station can be used to conduct a range of leak tests, including pressure decay, mass flow and more with pressure or vacuum. It is suitable for use in production, in a lab, or wherever leak testing must be conducted.


All this capability is delivered in a small and elegant footprint. Its rugged T-frame construction stands just 28 x 33 (at wings) x 62 in.



  • can combine up to 3 3520 Series leak test units in one stand
  • can be customized to accommodate plant requirements
  • small footprint: 28 x 33 (at wings) x 62 in.
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