Twelve-Megapixel CMOS Camera for Machine Vision


Toshiba Teli America, Inc., the North American subsidiary of the Toshiba Teli Corporation, today introduced a CMOS-based machine vision camera boasting a proprietary and patented twelve-megapixel 1.9-inch CMOS monochrome progressive scan sensor. The new Toshiba Teli CleverDragon CSC12M25BMP19 establishes an optimal imaging platform to assist OEMs and system integrators in developing improved solutions for high-speed machine vision, parts inspection, robotics and medical applications. “The launch of our 12-megapixel CleverDragon camera marks a new era in CMOS based imaging, and reconfirms Toshiba Teli’s position as the innovation leader in global machine vision solutions,” said Doug Freck, CEO/President of Toshiba Teli America, Inc. “Whether it is used in industrial inspection or biomedical imaging, the camera delivers an overall level of performance and ease-of-use that is unmatched by an other camera on the market.” Users benefit greatly from the camera’s CMOS sensor’s 4096 (H) x 3072 (V) pixel resolution, along with its excellent 25-frames-per-second (fps) full-frame speed, and its low signal-to-noise ratio that is close to a traditional CCD. The development environment for the CSC12M25BMP19 is further enhanced by its Camera Link™ standard interface (10/8 bit), allowing for immediate integration of the camera into new and existing systems without the need for special cables or frame grabbers. In keeping with Toshiba Teli’s productivity-driven philosophy, the industrially rugged yet compact CSC12M25BMP19 features an electronic global shutter to capture clear images of parts on even the fastest moving assembly lines. In addition, the camera’s Window of Interest (WOI) function can be programmed to display a maximum of 28 square windows within a single image and then allow the user to select via a PC only those windows that are to be read out, significantly increasing fps rate. Other key features include large square pixels (6.0µm x 6.0µm), an aspect ratio of 4:3, high sensitivity of 2000 lx (F5.6), wide dynamic range, and RDM trigger shutter.
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