Twin Bore Cylinders (TB, TBD, and TBA Series) - Bimba Mfg Co


  • Small cross-section, double-bore cylinder that provides highly accurate linear motion.
  • Incorporates extra long piston rod bearings, resulting in high radial load capacity.
  • Single and double end rod units are available in both Delrin® and ball bearing styles.
  • Three cylinders in the series: Basic Twin Bore (TB), Double End Twin Bore (TBD), and Twin Bore Air Table (TBA).
  • Available in seven bore sizes, from 6mm to 32mm with standard stroke lengths available from 10mm up to 150mm.
  • TB: Dual bores exert twice the force of a traditional cylinder while providing smooth, non-rotating actuation. The cylinder is symmetric and can be mounted from either side to allow convenient port access.
  • TBD: Double rod end provides a saddle-mount unit with improved loading and resistance to deflection.
  • TBA: Smooth, precise movement is achieved via integration of a highly accurate recirculating ball bearing-rail system.
  • Options available for Side Mounting Holes and Shock Absorbers.

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