Two-in-One Dashcam


The KP2 dashcam is a compact and modular road-facing camera with a snap-on driver-facing camera option that enables commercial fleets to add driver-facing video at any time with no wiring changes, no added installation cost, and no downtime.


It features a choice of real-time ADAS (Automatic Driver Assistance System) and DSM (driver state monitoring) for accident prevention; also, there is SmartWitness’ cloud-based AI event analysis software that eliminates hours of time that is often wasted in reviewing false alerts of risky driving behavior.


The base unit attaches to a windshield-mounted bracket, uses a mobile app and auto-calibration for setup, and connects to the vehicle’s OBDII port.


The camera can be purchased as a road-facing solution with or without driver-facing functionality. If needed, the snap-on driver-facing module can be added in seconds with plug-and-play ease.


ADAS options include real-time tailgating, forward collision, solid lane departure, and pedestrian presence alerts; DSM capabilities available with the driver-facing camera include fatigue, distraction, and phone use. Real-time alert notifications are delivered in a choice of natural voices, audio beeps or chimes.


  • Road-facing HD camera with GPS, 4G/LTE, and video telematics
  • Snap-on driver-facing camera ADAS/DSM features with real-time natural language driver notification
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Artificial Intelligence Driving Events (AIDE) at no extra cost
  • 64GB SD card that can store over 50 hours of footage before beginning to overwrite
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