Two-in-One Grinding Platform


Norton Xtrimium range of gear solutions is designed for high performance gear grinding in extreme, tight tolerance environments. The structured portfolio of gear grinding products is specifically designed by category to provide higher profile accuracy, supreme form holding, and burn-free grinding in worm, profile, and bevel applications.


Highlighting the range is an innovative dual-worm wheel design that enables two operations in one grinding wheel, substantially saving time and money. The wheels feature a unique design with a high-performance vitrified bond section for grinding and a fine-grit resin section for polishing the gear teeth, enabling one wheel to perform what traditionally requires two wheels. In addition, improved surface finishes of Rz = 1.0 mm and Rpk = 0.05 mm, and reduced noise are realized. The Norton Xtrimium Dual-Worm Grinding wheels can also be adapted to existing machines.

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