Two Part Silicone System


Epoxies, Etc. develops a high performance two part silicone system.  50-1225 is designed for electronic packages that require good flow around components, high thermal conductivity, ability to sustain environmental extremes, and cushioning for sensitive components. 50-1225 is free of any flammable or toxic solvents and will cure in deep sections.  It has a service temperature of -65°C to 210°C, and will not support or promote a flame. 

Product Advantages: 

  • Highly flexible material will cushion electronics through aging and thermal cycling
  • Low shrinkage during cure; it will not stress components 
  • Wide operating range (-65° to 210°C); makes it suitable for many applications
  • High thermal conductivity; will quickly transfers heat away from components
  • Low flammability; does not support flame or produce toxic combustion by-products 
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  • service temperature of -65°C to 210°C
  • will not support or promote a flame

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