Two-Position VMC for Turn/Mill Operation in Same Fixture


STAMA America introduces System 8 Milling-Turning Centers with one (MT) or two (MT-TWIN) milling spindles and one or two turning spindle(s) for the complete machining of semi-finished and saw sections on one machining center.

STAMA has merged its TWIN-Technology with its Milling-Turning Technology, creating a new high-grade technology. A multi-functional swiveling and rotating unit with 2 turning spindles has been integrated in the robust column system machining center with two heavy-duty milling spindles.

This true 5-axis technology is the result of STAMA ongoing engineering and represents the company’s latest advancement in high-accuracy, continuous production VMC’s. By combining rotary and stationary cutting tools on the same machine, along with the unique STAMA trunnion device for turning operations, precise rotation and orientation of the fixtures, production departments can realize a very high level of flexibility and speed in processing medium-to-long runs of multiple workpieces.

The MT-S is designed for the highest flexibility and is ideal for small batches. The MT and MT-TWIN series offer maximum productivity for medium and large batches. The reduction in cost per part has been documented up to 30%, thanks to STAMA TWIN technology and true 5-axis complete machining on a single fixture.

A single CNC maintains all machine, spindle(s) and trunnion actions, allowing programming of the next-up parts, as well. As shown in the photo, the left side working area, with two integrated turning spindles and trunnion unit, allows 5th side machining, while the right side working area, with independent milling spindles and trunnion unit, allow 6th side machining.

System 8 Milling-Turning Centers feature vertical milling spindles with speeds up to 12,000 rpm (80 hp). The two turning spindles with speeds up to 4500 rpm (60 hp) may be used as NC axes and the STAMA rotating/swiveling trunnion unit has a continuously variable A-axis pivoting angle of 120º (-30º to +90º). Thus, different configurations can be arranged to enable milling, turning or mill/turn operations on the workpieces.

System 8 from STAMA is offered in four machine configurations, each with 180 tool positions, with XYZ travel up to 800mm x 520mm x 510mm (31.5” x 20.5” x 20”) to accommodate a broad range of jobs.
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