Two-Stage Regulators


Designed for gas control applications requiring precise and constant outlet pressure, Victor® Professional EST4 EDGEä Series two-stage regulators provide improved control capabilities compared to the previous VTS 450 regulator. They incorporate the innovative EDGE design and safety features, including SLAM™ (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) technology built into the adjusting knob, which provides additional strength, safety and protection of the regulator internals (view video).             

EST4 EDGE heavy duty, high capacity regulators are available for acetylene, oxygen, inert gases, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen. Victor continues to offer its VTS 250 (medium duty) and VTS 700 (extra heavy duty) two-stage regulators. Even as a cylinder empties and inlet pressure decays, the EST4 EDGE two-stage regulator continues to deliver strong flow performance. EDGE regulators feature a more efficient internal flow path, which improves consistency from full to empty cylinder. A single-stage regulator reduces cylinder pressure to the delivery or outlet pressure in one step. As the cylinder empties, outlet pressure rises. Two-stage pressure regulators reduce cylinder pressure to a delivery level in two steps. The first stage regulates high cylinder pressure to a lower working pressure; the second (adjustable) stage controls delivery pressure, which remains at set point until the cylinder is nearly empty. 

Critical applications include those such as pneumatic surgical equipment where constant pressure is critical and glass manufacturing where the torches are very sensitive and must be supplied with constant pressure to work effectively. EDGE Series regulators meet or exceed all compliance testing requirements, including the stringent ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test. Where most regulators have multiple impact points, the EDGE Series has a single impact point. The SLAM technology acts much like a three-stage crumple zone on a car, protecting the pressure integrity of the regulator and cylinder if cylinder falls over. Gauges are built in and recessed into the body for protection. The high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy used for the housing cap provides nearly twice the yield strength of forged brass. The side-mounted knob on an EDGE regulator creates a comfortable, more natural and safer hand/body position when adjusting delivery pressure. Color-coding (e.g., green for oxygen, red for acetylene) simplifies gas identification, and high-contrast graphics make gauges easier to read.


  • improved control capabilities
  • innovative EDGE design
  • safety features

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