Two-Wire Hall-Effect Latch


A1245 latch, produced through the advanced BiCMOS wafer fabrication process, implements high frequency, 4-phase, chopper-stabilization techniques to achieve magnetic stability over the full operating temperature range of -40 to +150º C. A Hall-effect latch will be in the high output current state in the presence of a magnetic south polarity field of sufficient magnitude and will remain in this state until a sufficient north polarity field is present.

Designed for speed and position sensing of ring-magnets or other moving/rotating assemblies, they can be used in applications that are safety-critical and/or have long wiring harnesses. Examples include automotive applications such as internal mode switch (IMS) transmissions and transmission range switch (TRS)/manual level position sensor (MLPS) shift selectors; electronic parking brake motors; electronic power steering (EPS); and sunroof, tailgate and other motors; industrial/consumer applications include white goods, industrial/factory automation, and automatic doors.


  • integrated voltage regulator
  • Clamping diodes
  • ESD protection
  • Reverse-battery protection
  • ISO 7637-2 performance
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