Two-wire sensors reduce installation and maintenance costs


Contrinex has introduced new two-wire DC sensors that can provide major cost savings in complex, large process machinery. They accomplish this by reducing the amount of cable and number of connection points in machine design by up to 33% compared to conventional three-wire products. Also, with two-wire sensors, the control load is connected in-line with the positive lead with the result being that NPN and PNP 3-wire format devices are no longer required. This can significantly reduce the number of different sensors that customers need to stock to support production systems reducing inventory cost, particularly on large manufacturing plants such as in the automotive and the food and beverage industries. This new Contrinex range of tough, metal-bodied sensors have high frequency outputs and are available in M12, M18 and M30 sizes with switching speeds of 3kHz, 2kHz and 1kHz respectively. They are available in embeddable and non-embeddable formats with plug or cable connection and have a wide voltage range from 10 – 65VDC and can switch over 100mA. They include short circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection.
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