Ty-Rap® Cable Tie Installation Tool Reduces User Fatigue


Thomas & Betts’ Ty-Rap® Cable Tie Installation Tool eases user fatigue with patent-pending features, including an adjustable grip span to fit any hand and an anti-recoil cut-off mechanism that reduces vibration when installing cable ties. Other patent-pending features include a high-low handle force mode, which offers the lowest required handle force to achieve the highest cable tie tension available in the market, and interchangeable tool heads, which provide flexibility for the user to have one tool that covers the 18 to 120 pound range of cable ties. The patented 360-degree rotating nose eliminates the need to twist the tool when the cable tie orientation is rotated. The new Ty-Rap Cable Tie Installation Tool offers variable tension settings, which enable the user to install a range of cable ties to the desired application tension required. Other advantages include a flush cut when the tool severs the cable tie’s tail, eliminating sharp edges that may cut the installer or nearby objects, and a one-inch stroke length, the longest available in the industry, which saves time and cost by requiring fewer handle tensioning cycles. “We developed a reliable, high-performance cable tie installation tool with an ergonomic design that eases stress and fatigue on the user’s hand,” said Rob DeWeez, product manager for Thomas & Betts’ Industrial Products Group. “It is especially useful for high-volume cable tie installations encountered in OEM environments, such as the automotive, aircraft and appliance industries, as well as for tight spots and applications that require consistent bundle tightness.” Constructed of a rugged high-impact polymer, the Ty-Rap® Cable Tie Installation Tool’s other ergonomic features include a lightweight, balanced design and a soft-grip, over-molded handle with rounded edges. A wide insertion gap makes loading cable ties easier. The nose features a narrow design to reach tight spaces and stainless steel construction for increased durability. The tool head’s tension-adjusting wheel operates five times more quickly than any competitor’s tool, and the tension-locking mechanism provides constant, consistent tension, even when the tool is repeatedly picked up and set down in typical OEM applications. The handle includes an eyelet to secure the tool to a workstation and a compartment for a spare blade.
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